An Overview of Healing Touch and Healing Connections

I am first and foremost a nurse.  I have recently celebrated 45 years in active nursing.  I am grateful for the nursing career that I have enjoyed, as it has provided me with deep experiences with people on this journey of life, dealing with challenges of illness, injury and recovery of the body, emotions, mind and spirit.  I have been humbled and honored to stand with those families as they welcome a new child into their arms, struggle with a new diagnosis, changing life circumstances and also to assist at the passing of beloved family members when age or disease brings life to a closure.  It is holistic nursing at its very best.

After many years in traditional nursing, I was introduced to Healing Touch in 1996.  I was, at first, intrigued by the name.  I wanted to know how “touch” could be healing.  After the first evening in the class, I saw that this work was the heart and soul of nursing.  It contained the core values of why I became a nurse. It also had a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.  Upon completion of the course work, I applied for and was awarded credentials as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  I fulfilled a dream of opening my own practice and Healing Connections was begun in 1998.

Through my practice of Healing Touch, I am committed to being a healing presence for my clients.  Clients call requesting information about Healing Touch.  The initial contact provides valuable opportunity to get to know them, answer questions and determine if Healing Touch would be helpful.  An appointment is scheduled and directions to my home office are provided.  During their appointment, I hear their story through an intake interview, obtain an assessment of their energy system. We set mutual goals for reduction of their symptoms or to bring balance to their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  Healing Touch offers 35 varied techniques to assist the client’s energy field to a state of balance.  The client remains fully clothed, on a massage table, during the session.  Soft music is played to assist with relaxation.  At the conclusion of the one hour session, a post assessment of the energy field is done and evaluation and feedback from the client is obtained.  Clients come for sessions at their pacing and need.

Over the years I continued my study of Healing Touch.  I became a Certified Healing Touch Instructor in 2002 and teach four of the five levels of the Healing Touch curriculum.  I will train to teach Level 5 this fall.

Service has been an important aspect of my life.  I have served on the Boards of Healing Touch St. Louis and Healing Beyond Borders to assist in expanding this meaningful work.  I have had the opportunity to serve as President of both organizations and have learned so much from these experiences.  I continue to serve as Immediate Past President to Healing Beyond Borders.

My husband, Rea, and I have been Fenton residents since 1971.  We established our home and raised five children.  This same home now serves to host our family gatherings including our six grandchildren.  I look forward to being of service to your family and introducing you to the benefits of Healing Touch.